Run Utilitarian API under HTTPS#

The main application does not provide any means to run under HTTPS.

This is done via a reverse proxy like NginX or HAProxy. Having a reverse proxy also simplifies load balancing if you need to scale up the API. You can run it as a stand alone service or run it as docker container.

We leave it up to the customer to define the way they want to terminate SSL/TLS and handle load balancing but will of course provide help if needed.

Settings in Utilitarian API if running under HTTPS:#

SESSION_COOKIE_SECURE should be set to true

CSRF_COOKIE_SECURE should be set to true

Depending on your proxy settings you should set the USE_X_FORWARDED_HOST, USE_X_FORWARDED_PORT and USE_X_FORWARDED_PROTO to true

SECURE_HSTS_SECONDS should be set to 60 and when you have made sure it works properly it can be increased to a higher value