Unified Messaging for Automatic Meter Readings#

AMR UM is a project trying to define clearer messages that are focused on AMR operations. In metering it is common to use CIM (IEC 61968) to model your business processes and define messages for different type of operations.

But it is all on quite high level. It is also a bit ambiguous how to use the models. There are several possibilities for the DSO (Distribution System Operators) to model the same data so focusing to comply with CIM in messages within Utilitarian would not be beneficial.

Instead we are focusing on making clearly defined messages and document the usage well. We will if needed, provide translation services for CIM or other formats. But as of now it is up to the user to hook in to the message stream and get the data they need.

We have developed a helper library in Python to build objects and make payloads for AMR UM messages: Check it out on GitHub

Message Types#

DLMS Push Message#

Contains a push message (DataNotification) from a DLMS Meter

    "payload": "base64encodedbytes",
    "transport": "udp",
    "source_address": 'ip_address_of_origin',
    "source_port": 5678,
    "application_context": "dsmr",
    "dlms_wrapper": {
      "source_wport": 1,
      "destiniation_wport": 10,

New Meter Reading#

Message containing a single meter reading

  "meter": "FIOR78464920374",
  "series": "7-0-13-26-0-101",
  "timestamp": "2019-02-24T06:00:00T+01:00",
  "value": "14567.000"