About Utilitarian#

Utilitarian is regitered secondary business name of Palmlund Wahlgren Innovative Technology AB. Under the name of Utilitarian we are marketing our Smart Metering and Smart Grid products and services.

Utilitarian is the result of our desire to make AMR simpler for the end user and put the data in focus instead of the means to collect the data. We have used all our experience in the Smart Metering and Smart Grid field to deliver a solution that can fit any size and type of utility company.

Palmlund Wahlgren Innovative Technology AB#

Palmlund Wahlgren Innovative Technology AB (PWIT AB) is an engineering firm focused on delivering solutions and consultation services within the fields of automation, measurement technology and IT.

By combining our strengths we have landed in the field of Internet of Things where we have been able to manage projects and build devices and software within the smart metering segment.

We have been working with Swedish utility companies in local projects and EU-level projects where we have designed and implemented solutions for Real Time AMR (Automatic Meter Readings) and Next Generation MDM (Meter Data Management) using NoSQL-databases.

We have taken full responsibility for the whole metering chain. From implementing protocol interpreters on embedded devices and in the Cloud to enable real-time metering on older energy meters to meter data management and integration to legacy Enterprise systems such as SAP for billing.

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