Utilitarian Documentation#

Welcome to the Utilitarian documentation. Utilitarian is a multi utility AMR (Automatic Meter Reading) system that gives you and your organisation a simple way to manager AMR operations over multiple energy medias, protocol and metering equipment.

Get started#

To get a better grip on how Utilitarian and all its component works together check out the Architecture page.

If you are interested in what type of communication protocols we support go to the Protocols page.

We are continuously adding new meters that we support, and even if we haven't tried out your meters yet we might already support them due to our generic execution environments, or we need to do some work to get them into the system.

As of now we are offering Utilitarian as an on-premise services. Our client base of utility companies usually prefer it this way. But keep a look out for the managed cloud version of Utilitarian. To know more about how to run Utilitarian check out the installation page.

Get in contact#

Simplest way of getting in contact with us is via email: