The different protocols we support


DLMS/COSEM (IEC 62056, EN13757-1) is the global standard for smart energy metering, control and management. It specifies an object-oriented data model, an application layer protocol and media-specific communication profiles.

We are developing an open source library for DLMS/COSEM

IEC 62056-21#

IEC 62056-21 superseded IEC 61107 (sometimes just called IEC 1107).

It is used for direct local data exchange. It has been designed to act as the protocol used when reading the meter via its optical port. But it is used with several medias, including sending the data over the internet.

We are developing an open source library for IEC 62056-21


LIS-200 is a subset of IEC62056-21. It as implemented when the IEC62056-21 didn't have all the functionality needed. It is basically the same as IEC62056-21 in the flow but object identification is done differently.

Corus protocol / I-FLAG#

The Corus protocol is used in Actaris / Itron meters. It is a propriotary protocol that have some elements from IEC-62056-21 but is using binary data of special formats to read out data.

We are developing an open source library for I-FLAG